Smart Gardening by Marcelle Nankervis

I’ve discovered a brilliant “how to” guide for anyone looking for simple, easy to follow, relevant gardening advice.

Smart Gardening by Marcelle Nankervis, is a no nonsense Australian annual garden guide for growing your own fruit and vegetables.

It’s broken down into 2 parts – the first “What Every Gardener Needs to Know”, covers the basics like composting, saving water, what to plant when, pest control and grey water use.

The second part of the book is a month by month “Annual Garden Guide”. Each months chapter is broken down by climatic zone (tropical, sub-tropical, temperate and cool) to give you a clear understanding of the things you need to be sowing, planting and (hopefully!) harvesting.

While it might seem odd to some that this book has no pictures, I don’t miss them. The well designed chapters, text boxes and sub-headings allow you to easily (and quickly) browse over the things you need to do in YOUR garden each month.

Marcelle Nankervis is a horticulturist, who has worked in the horticulture media industry for over 16 years. She’s worked for several gardening television shows and written for magazines including; Burkes Backyard, Better Homes & Gardens and Your Garden.

This books is available in all good book stores or online at Exisle Publishing.
RRP $34.99

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