How to grow sawtooth coriander

Sawtooth CorianderHands up if you are one of those people who loves coriander, have tried to grow it…..BUT……it bolts or wilts in the heat? Then keep reading, I’ve finally found this coriander in Australia and I’m over the moon!

I first discovered Sawtooth coriander, sometimes called Perennial coriander or Mexican coriander (Eryngium foetidum) in Vietnam 5 years ago and since then I’ve been trying to track either seeds or seedling here in Oz. Thankfully I’ve just stumbled across this gem of a plant in the herb seedling range from Tavistock Wholesale Nurseries (they have distinctive hot pink pots, easily spotted in garden centres or Masters).

Sawtooth coriander is much hardier than annual coriander in hot weather, it loves a full sun position, in a moist but well drained soil. Ideal to grow in pots, particularly if you are in a frost prone area as it’s frost sensitive.

As the name suggests its leaves are long and have serrated, saw like edges. Cut off flowering stems to keep the leaves soft and tender.

It’s flavour is very similar to the annual coriander – in my opinion perhaps a little less metallic. Use it in the same way as you would regular coriander



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