Why mulch or mound soil around your potato plants?


As your seed potatoes begin to sprout you’ll see the green vegetative growth appearing above the soil surface. Once this happens – it is time to start mulching or mounding up around the plants. WHY?

In the picture below you can see how a potato plant grows from the seed potato you plant. By mounding up the soil or laying down mulch as the leafy growth emerges from the ground you are basically creating MORE vertical space for potatoes to grow from = more spuds at harvest time 🙂


 I use a pea straw or sugar cane mulch around my spuds – with some compost & pelletised chicken manure sprinkled on top of each mulch application. If you are growing in pots or potato planter bags you can add more potting mix or compost or just use a straw mulch to mound around your spuds.

This process of mounding or mulching potatoes also helps prevent light reaching your developing spuds – which can turn spuds green, making them poisonous. Don’t eat green spuds!

 I’ve given my potato bed one application of mulch, but as you can see (on left) I’m going to need to do another application pretty soon!

When are your potatoes ready to harvest? Check this blog post out: http://beantheredugthat.com.au/harvesting-storing-potatoes/


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  1. George Thompson

    Could you please let me know where I can purchase the potato bag that you featured in your video clip.



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