A trip to the Melbourne Flower & Garden Show


At this years Melbourne Flower & Garden Show,  I was on the hunt for new and interesting ways of growing edibles! 

Here are a few of the great new releases I found…..

I love the motto of Mat & Fabian from The Little Vegie Patch Co –  “”A little food, a little fun; a little soul, a little sun; a little green, a little grow…The Little Veggie Patch Co.”

That about sums up this small business – The Little Vegie Patch Co – they might have started off small, but Mat & Fabian’s quirky, little business is growing very quickly! Due to popular demand, they’ve recently set up a nursery in St Kilda. They specialise in a range of recycled garden beds including the iconic apple crates and their nursery stocks a range of everyday edibles and some really unusual herbs, fruit trees and spices.

If you are ever in St Kilda, VIC check out their nursery!

For a really simple, easy to follow gardening book grab a copy of their book: “The Little Vegie Patch Co – How to Grow Food in Small Spaces” it is really well laid out and easy to follow. Taking you through basics of fruit & vegetable growing in small spaces – the photography is also brilliant.

Great book if you love loads of pictures and clear, easy to follow info! Highly recommend for the first time vegie grower.

Continuing on the small space gardening, but also leading into vertical gardening – I caught up with Brad from Takasho.

Check out their Urban Farmer range of products – designed to help you set up an edible oasis within a small space….OR just create more space growing space (and lets face it who does need that) in any sized garden.

They’ve got loads of trellises, climbing frames and arches – which can help add another dimension to an edible garden. They are of course also brilliant for training creeping vegies like snow peas, zucchini and cucumber along.

And not forgetting organic pest control and soil improvement, I also caught up with Steve & Peter from Eco-Organic Gardening

They’ve just added LIQUID forms of gypsum, lime and dolomite to their fully certified organic range of products. And when a 2ltr spray pack is equal to spreading 80kg of gypsum, I know which I’ll be using in my garden (which has horrid clay soils!) this autumn.

All in all a fantastic Melbourne Flower and Garden Show – the crowds were buzzing and some of the achievable show gardens were really inspiring.

If you missed it this year – make sure you get along next year! And get there early in the day to avoid the bulk of the crowds 🙂



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  1. Mutti

    I think we have used the products of eco-organic before – very successfully! Some are in the back shed methinks!! Love your photos, and you do look lovely!!

  2. Mark n Reese

    So great to hear about all these new small gardening businesses popping up! We can’t wait to get back to the US, and start planting some veggies and spices (we need fresh torch ginger flower for our Malaysian cooking).

    Hopefully “How to Grow Food in Small Places” will be available in the US. Would love to read through it.

    Thanks Chloe!

    Reese & Mark


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