Rain, rain, rain, rain

Are your plants drowning?

Yep there is such a thing as TOO much water! Some plants could be negatively impacted by too much water.

The most likely plants to suffer in this wet weather are your potted plants.

ESPECIALLY the self-watering pots – these pots with the well in the bottom are brilliant for summer when you want that bit of extra water on hand for the plants to draw up as they need.

But………….in the wet, wet, wet the well at the bottom of these pots REMAINS full of water and actually prevents the potting mix from drying out.

This excess water fills the spaces between the particles of soil, preventing oxygen from getting to the roots of your plants. THIS causes the soil to become stagnate and actually prevents root growth = basically DROWNING your plants!


  • If you’ve had a lot of rain recently tip out the water that collects in the bottom of the self-watering pots. At the moment, I’m having to do this nearly every 2 or 3 days!

  • It is NOT JUST self-watering pots that can get waterlogged. Your standard pots with the drainage hole at the bottom can also hold too much water – especially if you have then sitting flush with a solid (non-permeable) surface like concrete. Sit them up off the ground using some old bricks or timber, to allow the water to drain freely.





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