It is not ROCKET science!

A newly planted rocket seedling

Although growing rocket can be a bit tricky if…’ve ever planted rocket in the summer, you might have seen it “bolt” or go straight into producing seed heads?

The cooler weather of autumn, winter and spring means that it is a PERFECT time to plant rocket seedlings. If you want to plant seeds, just make sure you wait until any chance of frost is over.

Top Tips:

1. Plant in a sunny spot, mix in good quality, composted manure and water fortnightly with liquid seaweed/fishmeal.

2. Make sure the plants get enough water as they grow, not enough water = bolting to seeds!

3. Pick the leaves regularly to encourage new fresh leafy growth.

4. Young rocket leaves are the tastest, older tough leaves can be too bitter.

5. If any flower heads form – pinch them out as you see them.



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