Improving your strawberry harvest


“What’s this strange shoot my strawberry plant is producing?” A couple of people have asked me this lately…….rather than mountains of fruit their strawberry plants are sending out long growth shoots – called RUNNERS.

Like this….


 If left on the plant these shoots will develop into strawberry plants (see the photo below) – clones of the mother plant.  When the plant produces runners, it reduces its flower & fruit production. At this time of the year when we want flowers & fruit…….pinch or cut the runners off close to the plant. Do this every 2-3 days as they grow quickly!

The fruiting season of strawberries in southern australia is approx Nov-May depending on the variety. For more information about varieties and tips on growing strawberries check out my previous post HERE and for tips on harvesting strawberries click HERE.


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  1. Simone

    You say the fruiting season in Southern Australia is Nov to May, but I’m in Perth and the shops are full of cheap strawberries now (August) and my plants are furiously cropping. Is it different in the west?

  2. jaywant bajirao danawale

    I wan a strawberry mother plants variety to cultivated in india

  3. Brett Lazdins

    To Chloe,
    Hi, I am into my first year growing strawberries, I have approx 20 plants in assorted vessels (wheelbarrow, foam box & plastic pots) and they are growing well, except one pot. In this one pot (two plants) one strawberry plant has remained stunted while all others are doing well. It is producing strawberries but they are small and disfigured, it is trying to grow but painfully behind the others.
    My question is: should I persevere with this plant or remove and replace?
    I live in Southern Tasmania, I have used the best available potting mix’s(Tomato pot mix & Seasol Premium) and mixed in slow release Osmocote, some blood and bone then Sea sol Liquid Flower and Fruit every 1 -2 weeks. The plants have a covering of sugar cane mulch and to top off, Pine needles as the fruit was bruising/moulding when in contact with the sugar cane mulch.
    Regards, Budding Strawberry Farmer


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