House plants…

I’m being a chicken today, it is FREEZING and miserable outside so I’ve gone looking for blogging inspiration indoors!

House plants are a must in any home, in fact I think I have a bit of an addiction!

But why not!? As well as bringing colour, texture and “life” into your home, indoor plants help freshen and cleanse the air.

They can be some of the easiest…..and hardest plants to grow…but also some of the most rewarding.

Autumn & Winter Care of House Plants……

  • reduce watering over the autumn and winter months
  • trim off any dead leaves and foliage
  • an application of a plant tonic like a liquid seaweed now is ideal. Wait until the warmer months before applying fertilisers
  • if the leaves of larger house plants are coated in dust, either stick the whole potted plant in the shower and give it a rinse OR wipe each leaf with a clean, damp cloth

This Peace Lily of mine was in need of some TLC.

Leaf Scorch on Peace Lily

Leaf scorch on Peace Lily

So I’ve removed all the older leaves that had signs of “Leaf Scorch” – that browning around the edges of the leaves.

Leaf scorch can be caused by lots of things but it this Peace Lily’s case, I think it has been irregular watering (so letting it wilt too much before watering it) and also too much direct sunlight.

Although a bit sparse after this rather drastic haircut, this Peace Lily will fill back out again. I’ve given it a gentle dose of seaweed solution to nurture along its new leave growth.

Zanzibar Gem

Got a problem with an indoor plant? Snap a photo and post it on our Facebook Page for some advice.

Never had a house plant before?

Try the Zanzibar Gem – it does well in dry, lower light conditions and thrives on neglect!

Over watering is its biggest killer – this plant can survive on LESS than 1 watering a month.

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