Harvesting strawberries



It’s strawberry picking season!

Strawberries are ready to pick once they are fully red. They DO NOT ripen once picked and most varieties are tastiest when they are a lovely solid, bright red.

When picking strawberries:

  • professional pickers, use a flick of the wrist to detach the green stem from the caylx (the green crown or cap on the top) – BUT I’ve tried to master this and I end up pulling the whole top of the strawberry off!
  • so I just use my nail to pinch/cut the stem just above the strawberry leaving a little “handle” of green stem on each strawberry.
When storing strawberries:
  • they are best stored in the fridge until you are ready to eat. Store them into a bowl or container lined with papertowel and cover.
  • DO NOT wash them or remove the caylx until JUST before you ready to eat them.
  • I like eating strawberries that are not ice cold, so I take them out of the fridge to come up to room temperature before eating.
Freezing strawberries:
  • you can freeze strawberries, by washing them, removing the caylx and then popping into a zip lock bag. I lay them out in a single layer within the bag so I can easily select just a few frozen strawberries from the bag if I want just a few!
  • frozen strawberries don’t defrost very well, so they are best used still frozen – so in a smoothie or berry coulis/sauce.
Strawberry glut?
  • I love fresh strawberries just on their own or cut up and put over cereal.
  • But if you still have excess fruit strawberry jam is delicious and easy to make.For some delicious recipes check out:
  • www.vicstrawberry.com.au  you’ll be surprised at some of the tasty SAVOURY dishes you can make with strawberries!


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  1. Pat Garratt

    Thanks for the great tips. I grow mine in polystyrene boxes. Is it OK to use your own runners to replace parent plants after a couple of seasons? And I believe that we should only use the first seedling from each runner. Is that correct?


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