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Why: Coz it is sooooo delicious and has loads more flavour than store bought garlic! It is very easy to grow and oddly enough most pests and diseases don’t share my love of it.

Types/Varieties: There are all sorts of varieties of garlic. For a variety that suits your climate check out OR you can even order online at Diggers and they’ll post them to you. Love love!

You MUST use garlic bought from a nursery or organic store – regular supermarket garlic won’t grow in your garden!

When: Now is the time to plant garlic in southern areas of Australia, you can plant from late autumn through to early spring. If you live in warmer areas, eg. Northern NSW, then plant in March or April.

Garlic loves:

–        Full sun

–        Good drainage is REALLY important, grow in raised beds or pots without the self watering bit.

–        Add some dolomite lime to the soil pre-planting, garlic likes a slightly alkaline soil, so pH around 7.5-8.0.

–        Regular watering required, but not loads of water. Keep the bed or potting mix moist but not dripping.

Garlic hates:

–        Don’t mulch until after the green garlic shoots are well up out of the ground.

–        Don’t over feed – you’ll cause too much green growth at the expense of the bulbs. 2 or 3 light applications throughout the growing season of a pelletised, composted chicken manure are more than enough.

–        Make sure good drain is maintained. Check the soil isn’t slushy and water logged. If in pots make sure the water can drain freely and easily out the bottom.

How to Plant:

1. Break the cloves of garlic from the garlic bulb.

2. Add dolomite lime, as garlic likes a slightly alkaline soil.

3. Add a little composted chicken manure.

4. With a fork turn over the soil, so that it is soft and friable.

5.  Plant each clove 10cm apart from each other, in rows that are 40 cm apart.

6, 7 & 8.  Poke a hole with your index finger and push the clove in, so its about 8-10cm below the surface, pointy end up.

9.  Smooth over the area to fully cover the planted cloves.

10. Water in immediately after planting to help initiate growth.

Within 2 weeks you should start to see the first few shoots bursting out of the ground! Keep up the water to your garlic as it grows, but make sure the soil is not water logged. Keep the weeds down and mulch with pea straw or sugar cane mulch once spring arrives.

Keep your eyes on bean there dug that in summer when I show you how to correctly harvest your garlic and prepare it for storage.

Including how to create garlic braids.

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8 Responses

  1. Dee

    Thanks for the tips on growing garlic – I will be really interested in learning how to braid my next crop! Does the garlic still keep OK when braided?

  2. Chloe

    Hi Dee,
    Yes the garlic keeps really well in the braids, so long as you have them hanging so air can circulate around them. And they are kept in a dark and dry place – I keep mine hanging from the rafters in the garage!
    Keep your eyes open for my summer post on how to braid your harvested garlic. It is actually REALLY easy!
    Happy gardening………

  3. Dave

    Supermarket garlic will often grow if you plant it out, and you can get an okay harvest. However, they’re not likely to turn out as well as nursery garlic as store-bought garlic tends to have been treated with anti-sprouting agents. Mine were a bit undersized but tasted fine. Next time I’ll buy nursery but if you’ve got a spare spot of dirt and want to see exactly how super-easy garlic is just throw that last clove of garlic that’s sprouting already into the ground and let it grow for it!

  4. Chloe

    Hi Dave,
    Yes that is a good point – supermarket stuff will sometimes grow for you. And yep particularly the garlic from overseas (places like Mexico and China) have been fumigated to try and prevent them from sprouting.
    So you’ll get a bigger and healthier garlic harvest from nursery bought garlic. And I LOVE that growing it is sooooo easy! As you say bung it in the ground and watch it grow!


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