Growing Easy Herbs by Penny Woodward


Beautiful, fragrant and flavoursome herbs are sometimes the first plants we think of when planting an edible garden. And they are often the first plants beginner gardeners try their new green thumbs at growing.

Penny Woodward’s book Growing easy herbs for beauty, fragrance and flavour is a simple, “how to” guide for growing, harvesting and using over 40 different herbs.

I love the fact the book covers the more common herbs like basil and coriander (but with useful tips for success and some yummy recipes!) AND ALSO some of the less commonly known herbs like tansy, borage  & chamomile.

At the back of the book are all the tips on how to grow herbs from seed, seedlings and even cuttings. Plus information on picking, drying and storing your home grown herbs.

A wonderful book to answer all your “Sow it, grow it, pick it, use it” questions about herbs.

This book is available in all good book stores or you can buy online at Penny’s Website

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