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Freshly planted coriander

Why: If you are coriander LOVER then you’ve GOT to try growing your own. Or else you are going to be hit with up to $3.50 per bunch from the supermarket each time you need a fix…..ouch!

Take that $3.50 and spend it on some coriander seeds or seedlings instead, for a couple of months FRESH supply!

When: The cooler months of autumn, winter and spring are ideal times to plant coriander.

If you’ve ever tried growing coriander in the warmer and drier conditions of summer it tends to “bolt to seed” (meaning it doesn’t produce much leaf, it just sends up seed heads and then dies off).

I tend to buy seedlings, but if you want to grow from seed – sow the seed directly in the spot you want the plants to grow. Sow the seeds 5mm deep and you can put them in rows, but I’m generally lazy and just sprinkle them around!

Coriander Loves:

*  Organically rich soil, mix through some organic compost or pelletised chicken manure before planting.

*  Growing in pots – just use a GOOD quality potting mix and a pot with good drainage. But NOT terracotta, these tend to dry out too quickly.

*  A sunny spot – although if you are trying to grow it in a warmer climate, position it so it doesn’t get the hot afternoon sun.

*  Give it a gentle fertilise with something organic, like Seamungus pellets every 1-2 months.

Coriander Hates:

*  Root disturbance – if you are planting seedlings, don’t tease the roots out or try and separate out each tiny individual plant.

*  Drying out – letting your coriander dry out will also send it to bolt. In this cooler weather you’ll probably need to water 2 times a week if we don’t have rain.

Harvesting: Freshly planted coriander

Cut the leaves off as you need them. A regular trim will actually help encourage new growth…..and therefore MORE coriander – YUM!

If you want to use the roots in cooking, pull the whole plant up – just make sure you give it all a very good rinse before using in cooking. Nothing worse than a gritty stirfry or curry!

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