Get pruning NOW

It is nearing the end of the pruning season, so if you haven’t done so already prune your fruit trees and rose bushes.

If you’ve never pruned fruit trees before, ask at your local nursery they have experts on hand who can guide you through each of your fruit tree’s needs and nurseries often run pruning classes.

Leaf & flower buds forming on the reddish branches of my peach tree.

Peaches and nectarines are MY FAVOURITE so I take extra care of these trees in my backyard.

The coming season’s fruit forms on the reddish coloured pencil or finger thickness branches – so make sure you LEAVE as many of these as possible while still shaping the tree during pruning.

Remember to contain the height of your fruit trees – you don’t want to have to need a giant ladder to pick the fruit at the very top!

BEFORE these buds burst into leaf and blossom – NOW is the time to apply a copper based (or bordeaux) spray to ALL your stone fruit trees to prevent leaf curl. These copper sprays give your trees a spooky blue tinge to them…..don’t panic this is normal!

The trunk of my peach tree after a copper spray application





You can not spray copper based sprays when the tree has leaves/flowers on it.

After pruning & spraying, weed around your trees. Apply a well composted, pelletised manure and mulch.

Now sit back and wait for millions of peaches…..peaches for me! (Ok so not millions, but it is amazing what a small tree can produce!)

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