Drying herbs


In this warmer weather my oregano has gone rampant and started to grow flower heads. Great news is that oregano reaches its peak in flavour just before it bursts into flower, so NOW is the time to use it either fresh or dry it for use later on.

Dried oregano has a much stronger taste than fresh oregano and is regularly used in greek and italian cooking.

To dry oregano or bay leaves:

* pick fresh from the garden – make sure the stems are long and not wet (from rain or dew)

* tie up into bundles by the cut ends and hang it up to dry in a cool & dry place (somewhere out of direct sunlight, but it doesn’t need to be a dark room)

* once dried you can either wrap the dried stems in cellophane bags or strip the dried leaves from the stems and pop them into jars or bags for storage.

* dried herbs are best used within a year.

You can also dry rosemary, lavender, marjoram & thyme in the same way.

Freshly dried, organically home grown herbs popped into little cellophane bags (from party supply shops) and labelled make lovely Christmas gifts!


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  1. Gena

    When do you wash the herbs? I have an excess of oregano and basil, and fresh from the garden includes dirt.

    Also, how long does it take them to dry? Is there a quick method?


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