Catch up on the latest “beans talk”

Spider in webThe beans talk – page of the bean there dug that, is all about dusting off the cobwebs!

This page will feature reviews and information about new products, new plants and book reviews.

Stay tuned for the first post……

If you spot something you’d like to suggest for review or you are a company that would like to recommend a product for review please EMAIL ME.


About the author

In 2003 I completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at The University of Melbourne. And I am experienced at gardening in all conditions, having lived – and gardened – on a small farm, in tiny apartments, in crowded share houses and on your average suburban house block. I now work full time in the horticulture industry and I’m a presenter on The Garden Gurus, channel 9. I would like to show, particularly the younger generations, that sustainable gardening, and growing at least some of the food you eat – is possible no matter where you live!

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