Brrr it’s cold outside!

Rocket seedling

But there are a few vegies and herbs that don’t mind the cold!

And if the sun does peep through the clouds this long weekend…..head out into your garden/balcony/courtyard and get planting……

* lettuce and rocket

* cabbage (and I’ve happily planted cauliflower and broccoli this month, just watch out if you frosts – the seedlings will probably do better in a protected spot. So a balcony or sunny courtyard is more ideal at this time of the year)

* onions

* peas and snow peas

* coriander

You can plant out all of the above as seedlings now. Lettuce, rocket, coriander and peas/snow peas work particularly well in pots.

If you don’t want large climbing frames for your peas/snow peas keep an eye out for the dwarf varieties.

You’ll notice at your local nursery that cabbage for example comes in punnets of 6 plants…..6 plants ALL ready to harvest at the same time can be a bit much!!

So keep an eye out for either the MIXED plant punnet eg. broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower OR you can even sometimes find individual punnets with just a single larger seedling.

Happy gardening and stay warm this long weekend!

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